Guidance for Practising and Booking of the Club


1.“From 1st July 2008, any member who wishes to use the club for practice and requests Club access keys, will be required to pay a £15 key deposit and a £15 rental charge per year. This annual rental payment will be due with the Club subscription on 1st January each year. When the member returns the keys, their key deposit will be returned”.

2. The Yale opens the blue outside door & the black electronic key opens the lower main door to the club by swiping across an electronic keypad sited near the R.H.S. of the door. Please do not label or identify them.

3. Key users must be security conscious at all times. If the entrance cannot be guarded, i.e. a responsible person is in the foyer, the main entrance door must be kept closed.

4. When you enter the main door: in the lobby on your right is the Master Lighting switch; which isolates all lighting in the club. Switch this on. Next in the foyer to the left of the entrance is the Emergency Lighting switch. This must be switched on when anyone is in the building.

5. There are 2 practice rooms: the main auditorium, where you may use the Boston grand piano, and the practice room with a Sauter grand piano. To get to this room, turn left at the far end of the cloakroom, and it’s the first room on the right. You are not allowed to use the Steinway unless you are giving a Club concert. The Green Room is not to be used for practice.

6. Any person using the Club for Free Practice must be a Music Club Member: except Guest Performers rehearsing for a specific Club Programme. Under those circumstances a maximum of 5 rehearsals are allowed. Allowable practice times are 10.00am to 10.00pm.

7. If a Music Club Member wishes to practice with non-members, and that practice is not for a specific Club Programme, a hire charge will be made. Details are available from the Booking Secretary.

8. On Club concert evenings, the Practice Room cannot be used. Dates are shown in the on-line Bookings Diary at

9. When the Club is hired, i.e. a fee is paid to hire the premises, members cannot use the club during the period booked by the hirer. Members must stop practising 30 minutes before the booking commences.

10. Any Music Club members wishing to book the Concert Hall, MUST: Confirm the Date and Time with the Booking Secretary: Bob Pinniger Tel:- 01275-392344 e-mail:-  Unless this action is taken, rooms are NOT booked. Please note: the Practice Room is not bookable.

11. Before you book, please refer to the on-line Bookings Diary at to ensure that your requirement times are free.

12. Members may do a maximum of 5 hours practice in a seven day period, the most at any one time being two hours, on the club premises. They must make no more than 3 bookings in advance.

13. Members are not allowed to teach at the Club.

14. If you move the Boston or Steinway, please ensure the stool is moved away from the piano. This will prevent damage to the polished surface.

15. When leaving the building, please switch off all the lights, the Emergency Lighting switch and finally the Master switch. Lock all outside doors.

16. If at any time you decide to resign or do not wish to use the club for practice, please return the keys to the Membership Secretary and your deposit will be returned.

17. You are very welcome to use the kitchen for drinks etc. Please wash-up and leave it tidy before you leave


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