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East meets West in this special evening of music and meditation at Bristol Music Club on Friday, August 11.

This free event is open to all and embraces music of different genres, from Indian Classical music to bhajans, opera and Western songs.

Together with a presentation of music therapy using vocal exercise, the programme aims to take the audience on a joyful journey into meditation.

The power of music can help to awaken a subtle system which lies deep within each of us, enabling us to achieve a simple and natural meditative state.

Through the regular practise of Sahaja Yoga meditation, the stress and anxieties of the modern world can be reduced and we can enjoy a more balanced and peaceful way of life.

The programme on August 11 is being held from 7.30 – 9.30pm. Tickets are not required, just come on the night.

Bristol is the first stop on an extensive summer tour by this talented ensemble of national and international musicians and vocalists. They include West Country sitarist Adam Morgan, London-based actor and vocalist Tim Bruce and Bulgarian soprano Anna Stefanova.

The event is being organised by Sahaja Yoga Bristol, which regularly holds free introductory meetings to meditation in the city.

Please come along to what promises to be an enjoyable and enlightening evening!


 Disclaimer:- All of the events above are sponsored by private hirers and therefore the Bristol Music Club or the Bristol Musical Club Co. Ltd are not responsible for any of the listed concerts



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