Bristol Music Club – Current Concert Programme

Visitors are welcome to attend club evenings

Admission: £5 (£1.50 under 18s)

All Tuesday programmes start at 7.30 p.m.


Tuesday 25th April at 7.30pm
Rustom Battiwalla

Nocturne in B flat minor Op.9 no.1                                               Chopin

Etude in C# minor Op.10 no.4                                                      Chopin

Sonata in E flat Hob.XVI/49                                                               Haydn:

Prelude in G minor Op.23 no.5                                                        Rachmaninoff:

Concerto in D Hob.XVIII/11                                                                      Haydn
Clara Sherratt piano. Rustom Battiwalla piano (accompaning Haydn concerto)


On an Overgrown Path (Volume One) Janáček
Our evenings, A blown-away leaf, Come with us!, The Frýdek Madonna,
They chattered like swallows, Words fail!, Goodnight, Unutterable anguish,
In tears, The barn owl has not flown away

Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm (from Mikrokosmos Vol. 6) Bartók

Rustom Battiwalla piano

Tuesday 2nd May at 7.30pm
Peter Scott

6 Klavierücke. Op.118                                                          Brahms
Piano Sonata No 21 in C major, “Waldstein”                         Beethoven
Allegro con brio, Introduzione, Adagio Molto
Rondo. Allegretto moderato – Prestissimo


Cello Sonata “Arpeggione”, D821                                  Schubert
Allegro moderato, Adagio, Allegretto
Additional items tbc
Leah Leong – cello,   Francesca Orlando – piano

Tuesday 9th May at 7.30pm
Lynda Tanner

Wind Quintet, Op.43                                                         Carl Nielsen
Allegro ben moderato, Menuet, Praeludium, Tema con Variazioni

String Quartet, Op 18 no 6 in B flat                                     Beethoven
Allegro con brio, Adagio ma non troppo, Scherzo: Allegro
La Malinconia: Adagio – Allegretto quasi allegro


Nonet, Op 31 in F                                                                       Spohr
Allegro, Scherzo: Allegro, Adagio, Finale: Vivace

Catherine Maytum
llute, Charlie Bird oboe, Verity Britner clarinet, Eleanor Whitfield bassoon, Paul Tomlinson horn
Mike Tanner, Toby Kohler
violins, Lynda Tanner viola,
Hugh Herzig
cello and Roger Levett bass

Tuesday 23rd May at 7.30pm
Richard Little
Club Composer’s Evening in Memory of Mike Hooper

Trio Sonatas – 4 short pieces (first performance)                      Julian Dale
Jane Collins
flute & alto flute, Maria Priest flute, Julian Dale ‘cello

Three Shakespeare Sonnets                                                               Jolyon Laycock
Jolyon Laycock
voice, Philip Blandford piano

Woodwind Trilogy                                                          Mike Hooper
Charlie Mason oboe, Catherine Maytum flute, Helen Finch clarinet

Five Choral Pieces                                                        Catharine Deam
“Spring goeth all in white” poem by Robert Bridges
“Little Lamb, who made thee?” poem by William Blake
“In May I go a-walking” anonymous.
“Old Shellover” poem by Walter de la Mare
“Chamber Music” poem by James Joyce
The Mercury Singers


Bagatelle                                                                         Mike Hooper
Jolyon Laycock piano

In Nomine for tenor recorder and piano                                     Raymond Warren
Richard Little
recorder Clare Wilding piano

Piano Improvisations                                                                Andre Shlimon
Andre Shlimon

“Lady of the Scarves” for flute and string 4tet                              Geoff Nichols*
Catherine Maytum

Tuesday 30th May at 7.30pm
University Music Department

Music Department University of Bristol

A varied programme of instrumental and vocal chamber music given by final year students of the University Music Department – details on the website when available and on the night

Tuesday 6th June at 7.30pm
Peter Scott

Arabesque in C major, Op 18                                                              Schumann
Sonata in A minor, D784                                                                    Schubert

Allegro giusto, Andante, Allegro vivace
Consolation  No3                                                                                                    Liszt
2 Lieder Transcriptions                                                                    Schubert / Liszt
Liebesbodschaft, Liebeslied


Nocturn in F minor, Op55 No 1
Scherzo in B minor, Op 20

Waltz in C sharp minor
Op 25 No 1 in A Flat
Op10 No 1 in C
Op 10 No 12 in C minor (The Revolutionary)

 Reginald Wrathmell piano

Tuesday 20th June at 7.30pm
Margaret Peirson

Music from America

Samuel the Priest                                                 William Billings
My Lord, what a morning                                    arr. H.T. Burleigh
Same Train                                                       arr. Fela Sowande
The Noise of Waters                                           Jonathan Adams
To be sung on the water                                         Samuel Barber
Reincarnations                                                      Samuel Barber
1. Mary Hines 2. Anthony O’Daly 3. The Coolin


Road Movies for violin and piano                                         John Adams
First movement – relaxed groove,      Second movement – meditative
Third movement – 40% swing
Night and Day                                                      Cole Porter arr. Carter
Let’s do it                                                         Cole Porter arr. Blackwell
Blue Moon                                               Richard Rodgers arr. Blackwell
I got rhythm                                      George & Ira Gershwin arr. Clapham
Modern Musick                                                                  William Billings

CLIFTON SINGERS conductor Nicholas Barlow
Helena Torpy violin, John Lambert piano

Tuesday 4th July at 7.30pm
Janet Dixon

String Quartet in C, Op 33 No 3                                                                                  Haydn
Allegro Moderato, Scherzo (Allegretto), Adagio, Finale (Rondo. Presto)

String Quartet No 4 in D   Op 83                                                                     Shostakovich
Allegretto    Andantino     Allegretto – Allegretto


Piano Quintet  in A, Op 81                                                                                Dvorak
Allegro ma non tanto, Dumka (Andante con moto),
Scherzo (Furiant  Molto vivace), Finale (Allegro)

Timothy Eustace and Cathy Bolton
Janet Dixon
viola, Kay Thomas cello, Rustom Battiwalla piano

Tuesday 11th July at 7.30pm
Nancy Taylor

Berceuse from the Dolly Suite, Op.56                                                              Fauré
Slavonic Dance Op. 72 No. 2 in E minor                                                         Dvorak
Slavonic Dance Op. 46 No.7 in C minor                                                         Dvorak

Fantaisie in F minor D.940 (Op. posth. 103)                                              Schubert
1. Allegro molto moderato 2. Largo 3. Scherzo. Allegro vivace
4. Finale. Allegro motto moderato


Musical Dedication                                                                                     Kacperski
Nocturne No. 20 in C sharp minor Op. posth.                                                Chopin
Nocturne in B flat minor Op. 9 No. 1                                                              Chopin
Waltz in C sharp minor Op.64 No. 2                                                             Chopin
Fantaisie Impromptu in C sharp minor Op.66                                              Chopin
An Overheard Tune                                                                       Lutoslawski
Three Preludes                                                                        Kilar

1. Allegro molto 2. Adagio 3. Allegro molto
Magdalena Prejsnar, Nancy Taylor piano

** The first club meeting of the autumn term will be on 19th September **




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