Bristol Music Club – Current Concert Programme

Visitors are welcome to attend club evenings

Admission: £5 (£1.50 under 18s)

All Tuesday programmes start at 7.30 p.m.


Tuesday 24th April at 7.30p.m.
Janet Dixon

Quartet in F major, K370                                             Mozart
for Oboe, Violin, Viola and ‘Cello
Allegro, Adagio, Rondo (Allegro, ma non troppo)
String Quartet in F minor, Op 95                                 Beethoven
Allegro con brio, Allegretto, ma non troppo,
Allegro assai vivace ma serioso
Larghetto espressivo – Allegro agitato – Allegro


String Quartet No 8 in C minor, Op110                              Shostakovich
Largo, Allegro molto, Allegretto, Largo, Largo

Tim Eustace, Cathy Bolton
Janet Dixon
viola, Kay Thomas cello
with Barbara McConochie oboe

Tuesday 8th May at 7.30p.m.
Alice Robson

Piano quartet no. 1, Op 15                                               Faure
1. Allegro molto moderato, 2. Allegro vivo, 3. Adagio, 4. Allegro molto


String quartet no. 1, Op 13                                                     Nielsen
1. Allegro energico, 2. Andante amoroso, 3. Scherzo, 4. Finale. Allegro

3 Nordic folk tunes from Wood Works arr.The Danish String Quartet
2. Sekstur from Vendsysel/Peat Dance
4. Waltz after Lasse in Lyby. 8. O Fredeik, O Fredrik
Alice Robson Jessica Watson violins,
Liz Wild viola, Kate Ayres cello
Catherine Warner cello
Daniella Acker piano


Tuesday 22nd May at 7.30p.m.
Andre Shlimon

Club composers’ evening

3 Piano Songs                                      John Wilson

John Wilson piano

Trios on Borrowed Tunes                                Julian Dale

Maria Priest flute, Jane Collins alto flute, Julian Dale cello

3 songs from ‘Mountains of the Mind’                 Jolyon Laycock

Jolyon Laycock tenor, Philip Blandford piano

Elegy (for cello and piano)                         Geoffrey Poole

The Ruscombe Duo – Benjamin Dry cello, Geoffrey Poole piano


Phase 1, from ‘Lingering Hope’ (for cello and piano)                        Andre Shlimon

Benjamin Dry cello, Geoffrey Poole piano

Divertimento for String Quartet    Catherine Deam

Robert Chadwick and Ian Vorley violins,
Andrew White viola, Anna Strudwick cello

Piano Sonata No.2                                           Raymond Warren
Monody, Caprice, Chaconne

Rustom Battiwalla piano

Tuesday 5th June  at 7.30p.m.

Unversity of Bristol Music Department

Final Year Students’Concert
A varied programme of instrumental and vocal chamber music including some jazz items, given by final year students of the University Music Department – details on the website when available, and on the night” 

Tuesday 19th June  at 7.30p.m.
Gill Jones

Les Barricades Mysterieuses                            Couperin
Prelude B minor                                                   Bach/Siloti
Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring                                 Bach/Hess
Nocturne D flat                                                 Chopin
Je tu veux                                                           Satie
Isoldes Liebstod                                             Liszt/Wagner
Rigoletto Concert Paraphrases                        Liszt/Verdi


Prelude B minor Op.11 No. 1                                     Lyadov
Prelude D flat Op.10 No. 1                                         Lyadov
Etude-Tableaux Op. 33 No. 3                          Rachmaninov
Etude-Tableaux Op. 39 No. 2                           Rachmaninov
Prelude G major Op. 32 No. 5                          Rachmaninov
Prelude D major Op. 23 No. 4                          Rachmaninov
Prelude B flat Op. 23 No. 2                              Rachmaninov

Sharon Leech piano

Saturday 23rd June 7.30 p.m.
Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra
St. George’s, Bristol.
Barber – Second Essay for Orchestra, Opus 17.
Dvořák – Symphony No. 9 “From the New World”
Gershwin – Rhapsody in Blue

Tomáš Klement
Conductor: Karin Hendrickson

Tuesday 3rd July  at 7.30p.m.
Valerio Biscione

Clarinet Solo Project

Sequenza #2 “The Resurrection” Luca Luciano
Sonata for Clarinet                   John. Cage
1. Vivace, 2. Lento, 3. Vivace.
Two contemporary Studies:
Study on Quartertones                             Luca Luciano
Study on Microtonal Trills and Tremolos     Luca Luciano
Fragment #6                                             Luca Luciano
Luca Luciano clarinet


Sonatine                                                          Maurice Ravel
1. Modéré, 2. Mouvement de Menuet, 3. Animé
Estampes, L. 100                                            Claude Debussy
1. Pagodes, 2. La soirée dans Grenade, 3. Jardins sous la pluie
Ballade No. 1, Op. 23                                  Frédéric Chopin
Valzerino Rapsodico                                 Valerio Biscione

Valerio Biscione piano

Tuesday 10th July  at 7.30p.m.
Richard Little

Concert of Baroque Music by lesser known composers

Suite in D minor    Johann Christoph Schultze (1733 – 1813)
for two treble recorders and basso continuo
Ouverture,  Badinage, Rondeua,  Sarabande, Gavotte, Menuett,  Capricie
Trio Sonata in C minor    Robert Valentine (c.1671 – 1747)
for two treble recorders and basso continuo
Adagio,  Allegro, Adagio,  Allegro
La Disperata    Vincenzo Ruffo (1510 – 1587)
for descant and tenor recorders and viola da gamba
Vivace,  Cantabile,  Scherzando
Pieces from The Harpsichord Master (1697)
Minuett, Scotch Aire and Jigg    John Barrett
New Aire                                                       Anon
‘Twas when the Sheep was Shearing    Mr. Morgan
Trio Sonata G minor    Servaas de Konink (c.1654 – 1701)
for two treble recorders and basso continuo
Largo,  Allegro,  Adagio, Allemande


Trio Sonata in C major    Jacques Christophe Naudot (1690 – 1762)
for treble  and tenor recorders and basso continuo
Modérément,  Lentement, Gaimant,
Sonata                                         Carl Friedrich Abel (1723 – 1787)
for viola da gamba and basso continuo
Allegro, Siciliano, Tempo di Minuetto
Trio Sonata in C minor                                    Carl Rosier (1640 – 1725)
for two treble recorders and basso continuo
Adagio,  Vivace, Allegro
Trio Sonata No. 2 in D major    Carlo Tessarini (1690 – 1766)
for . voice flute and tenor recorder and basso continuo
Spiritoso,  Largo, Presto

Hazel Fenton, Richard Little recorders,
Frances Zagni viola da gamba, John Talbot virginals











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